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2021 College of Pharmacy Research Day


The 12th Annual Research day was a great success, with 89 posters presented, a fantastic keynote seminar by Dr. Paul Hergenrother, and great participation from our alumni and external colleagues from industry, including 57 poster judges. We would like to thank our corporate sponsors (Astellas, Baxter, Genentech, and Horizon), along with our University supporters (OTM Innovate@UIC, UI Cancer Center, CCTS, ISPOR, and ISPE) and other outside donors (Swanson Family Research Day Fund) that provided funds for the event and poster awards.

Dr. Paul Hergenrother, PhD

Keynote Presentation: “New Strategies for Anticancer and Antibacterial Drug Discovery”


Dr. Paul Hergenrother, PhD

Kenneth L. Rinehart Jr. Endowed Chair in Natural Products Chemistry

Professor, Department of Chemistry

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL

Dr. Andrew P. Riley, PhD

Research Impact Award: UIC Infectious Disease Pharmacotherapy Fellow, 2002


Katie J. Suda, PharmD, MS, FCCP

Professor of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy

2020 Graduate Student Awards and External Trainee Awards Heading link

This year, we have given out over $25,000 in graduate student awards & scholarships, and recruiting scholarships.  To see who received which award and for the list of other significant external awards received by our graduate students and postdocs, click on the link below.

2021 Poster Award Winners

Biology: Molecular & Cell Biology; Mechanism of ActionHorizon Award for Excellence in Research 1st PlaceMarianne Palczewski, Hannah Kuschman, Sushma Sappa, Scott Gladstein, Kabirul Islam, Eric Kool, Vadim Backman, Douglas D. ThomasNitric Oxide Controls the Expression of Tumor-Associated Genes by Inhibiting DNA Demethylases TET and ALKBH2 in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Biology: Molecular & Cell Biology; Mechanism of ActionBaxter Award for Excellence in Research 2nd PlaceJane Miglo, Amrita Salvi, Joanna E. BurdetteThe Impact of Aging Ovarian Follicular Fluid on Fallopian Tube-Derived Tumorigenesis
Biology: Molecular & Cell Biology; Mechanism of ActionGenentech Award for Excellence in Research 3rd PlaceYitao Dai, Alessandra S. EustaquioBiosynthesis, Transport, and Regulation of Pseudovibriamides Isolated from Marine Sponge Bacteria
Chemistry: Discovery, Modeling, Design & Evaluation of Novel Drugs; Detection & Delivery SystemsHorizon Award for Excellence in Research 1st PlaceLydia J. Davis, Manead Khin, Tara Spencer, Joanna E. Burdette, Jimmy OrjalaApplication of Environmental Stressors and Informatic Analyses to Enhance Production and Diversity of Antiproliferative Metabolites from Cyanobacterium, Nostoc Sp. UIC 10607
Chemistry: Discovery, Modeling, Design & Evaluation of Novel Drugs; Detection & Delivery SystemsBaxter Award for Excellence in Research 2nd PlaceEvan Phillips, Vytautas Bindokas, R. John Solaro, Beata Wolska, Jan Kitajewski, Steve S.-Y. Lee3D Spatial Quantitative Analysis of the Cardiac Lymphatics in a Mouse Model of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Chemistry: Discovery, Modeling, Design & Evaluation of Novel Drugs; Detection & Delivery SystemsGenentech Award for Excellence in Research 3rd PlaceDimosthenis A. Koinas, Bo Wu, Anthony Y. Pajak, Zhou Xiaojuan, Keith W. Miller, Karol S. BruzikDesign and Development of Site Specific Null Allosteric Ligands for γ-Aminobutyric Acid Type A Receptor as Reversal Agents to General Anesthesia
Clinical, Social, and Applied SciencesHorizon Award for Excellence in Research 1st PlacePei-Wen Lien, Foluso Agboola, Mrinmayee Joshi, Dmitriy Nikitin, Zaid Yousif, Shani Patel, Vinura Withanawasam, Saira Jatoi, Eden Gebre, Jeffrey Tice, Jon Campbell, Daniel TouchetteCost-Effectiveness of Eculizumab and Efgartigimod for the Treatment of Generalized Myasthenia Gravis
Clinical, Social, and Applied SciencesBaxter Award for Excellence in Research 2nd PlaceEden Keller, Brianna McQuade, Abigail Elmes, Robert Didomenico, Jennie JarrettStratification of Burnout in Health-system Pharmacists: A Focus on the Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
Clinical, Social, and Applied SciencesGenentech Award for Excellence in Research 3rd PlaceKevin Cheng, Christian San Andres, Emen Salam, Jin Han, James Lee30-day and 90-day Readmissions Between Genotype-Optimal and Genotype-Suboptimal Antiplatelet Therapy Following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Innovate@UIC Innovation Award1st Place (tie)Madeline Hennessy, Anna Gutridge, Alexander French, Richard van Rijn, Andrew P. RileyDevelopment of Potent Mu-opioid Receptor Partial Agonists from the Ethnomedicinal Plant Akuamma
Innovate@UIC Innovation Award1st Place (tie)Kyle Kremiller, Lisa Rusali, Carolyn Straub, Malaika D. Argade, Andrew P. RileyModular Synthesis and Biological Assessment of Aristoquinoline, an Unique Inhibitor of α3β4 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor
Innovate@UIC Innovation Award2nd Place (tie)Simone Creed, Anna M. Gutridge, J. Brent Friesen, Guido F. Pauli, Richard M. van Rijn, Andrew P. RileyInvestigating the Structure-Activity Relationships of Akuammicine – An Alkaloid from Picralima nitida
Innovate@UIC Innovation Award2nd Place (tie)Saad A. Alqarni, Ruikun Du, Han Cheng, Qinghua Cui, Norton P. Peet, Irina N. Gaisina, Lijun Rong, Terry W. MooreDiscovery & Development of a Novel Influenza A Inhibitor Targeting Group 2 Hemagglutinins
UI Cancer Center Cancer Science Prize1st PlaceAmrita Salvi, Laura R. Hardy, Kimberly N. Heath, Melissa R. Pergande, Stephanie M. Cologna, Joanna E. BurdetteInvestigating the Role of PAX8 in Modulating the Tumor Microenvironment of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer
UI Cancer Center Cancer Science Prize2nd Place (2 awards)Yi-Chien Wu, Steve S.-Y. LeeSingle-cell 3D Spatial Omics for Tumor Hypoxia
CCTS Multidisciplinary Team Science Award1st PlaceZiwei Zhang, Xiuyuan Ma, Julia Ekiert, Philana Phan, Yu GaoQuantitative Proteomic Analysis of Exosome in HR+/HER2- Patient
ISPOR Student Chapter Choice Award1st PlaceKanya Shah, Aisling Caffrey, Andy Szczotka, Dea Belazi, Stephen KogutReal-World Utilization of Top-Down and Step-Up Therapy and Initial Costs in Crohn’s Disease
ISPE Student Chapter Choice Award1st PlaceCarter McCormick, David Dadiomov, Rebecca Trotzky-Sirr, Dima QatoPrevalence and Distribution of High-Risk Prescription Opioid Use in the United States, 2011–2016

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