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2017 College of Pharmacy Research Day


The 8th Annual Research day was a great success, with ~ 95 posters presented, a fantastic keynote seminar by Dr. McDonell, and great participation from our alumni and external colleagues from industry, including 48 of our poster judges. We would like to thank our corporate sponsors (Takeda, Hospira/Pfizer, Horizon, AbbVie, and Adello Biologics), along with our University supporters (UI Health Cancer Center, OTM Innovate@UIC, CCTS, SAFC, AAPS, CRS, ISPOR, and ISPE) that provided funds for the event and the 18 poster awards.

Dr. Donald McDonell, PhD

Keynote Presentation: “Mechanism-based discovery of new therapeutic targets in the estrogen receptor signaling pathway in breast cancer


Dr. Donald P. McDonnell, PhD

Glaxo-Wellcome Professor of Molecular Cancer Biology

Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology

Co-Director of the Women’s Cancer Program, Duke Cancer Institute

Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina


Dr. Terry Moore, PhD

Hans W. Vahlteich Research Award: “Selective Peptide Antagonists of a Mutant Estrogen Receptor


Dr. Terry W. Moore, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy

Dr. Gilbert Lam, PhD '81

Alumnus of the Year Award


Dr. Gilbert N. Lam, PhD ’81

President & Chief Scientific Officer, MicroConstants, Inc.

2016 Graduate Student Awards and External Trainee Awards Heading link

This year, we have given out over $25,000 in graduate student awards and scholarships.  To see who received which award and for the list of other significant external awards received by our graduate students and postdocs, click on the link below.

2017 Poster Award Winners Heading link

  • Biology: Molecular & Cell Biology; Mechanism of Action

    • First prize: Takeda Pharmaceuticals Award for Excellence in Research

    Matthew Dean, Vivan Jin, Joanna Burdette, “Ovarian Colonization of Fallopian Tube Epithelium-Derived High Grade Serous Tumors: An Important Step in Metastasis”

    • Second prize: Hospira/Pfizer Award for Excellence in Research

    Matthew Gilbertson, Karin C. Nitiss, Matthew Summerlin, John L. Nitiss, “Characterization of etoposide hypersensitive human Top2α mutants”

    • Second prize: Horizon Award for Excellence in Research

    Tanja Florin, Cristina Maracci, Michael Graf, Prajwal Karki, Dorota Klepacki, Marina Rodnina, Daniel Wilson, Nora Vazquez-Laslop, Alexander Mankin, “An Antimicrobial Peptide that Turns the Ribosome into a Release Factor Trap”

  • Chemistry: Discovery, Modeling, Design & Evaluation of Novel Drugs; Detection & Delivery Systems

    • First prize: Takeda Pharmaceuticals Award for Excellence in Research

    Alanna Condren, Laura Sanchez, “Pseudomonas aeruginosa shifts its specialized metabolism in response to biofilm inhibitors”

    • Second prize: AbbVie Award for Excellence in Research

    Dulari Jayawardena, Arivarasu N. Anbazhagan, Pradeep K. Dudeja, Hayat Onyuksel, “Superior therapeutic effect of micellar encapsulated vasoactive intestinal peptide nanomedicine over free peptide in ameliorating DSS induced colitis”

    • Second prize: Horizon Award for Excellence in Research

    Peter Sullivan, Daniel May, Jimmy Orjala, “Correlating phylogeny and chemistry to improve the efficiency of the natural product drug discovery pipeline”

  • Clinical, Social, and Applied Sciences

    • First prize: Takeda Pharmaceuticals Award for Excellence in Research

    Ali Alobaidi, Beenish S. Manzoor, Diana Moreno, ChoAh Kim, Ben Gerber, Lisa Sharp, Edith A. Nutescu, “Anticoagulation Self-Testing Competency in a Minority Patient Population: Preliminary Experience from a Randomized Controlled Trial”

    • Second prize: Hospira/Pfizer Award for Excellence in Research

    Annie Situ, Beenish Manzoor, Lisa Sharp, Ben Gerber, Lauren Castro, Maryanne Holtcamp, Charity Ball, Edith Nutescu, “Patient-Related Factors Determining Feasibility of Anticoagulation Self-Monitoring in a Minority Population: A Qualitative Assessment”

    • Second prize: AbbVie Award for Excellence in Research

    Johnathan Bisson, James McAlpine, James Graham, Guido F. Pauli, “Addressing the Challenges in Pharmacognosy with the Creation of an Ontology of Pharmacognosy and Natural Product Chemistry”

  • Innovate@UIC Innovation Award

    • First prize

    Lauren Gutgesell, Rui Xiong, Debra Tonetti, Gregory Thatcher, “Combination therapy with novel selective estrogen receptor degraders (SERDs) in de novo and tamoxifen resistant breast cancer”

    • Second prize

    Guiping Zhang, Jianjun Cheng, John D. McCorvy, Bryan L. Roth, Alan P. Kozikowski, “Discovery of N-substituted 2-Phenylcyclopropylmethylamines as Functionally Selective 5-HT2C Receptor Agonists for Potential Use in Antipsychotic Medications”

  • UICancer Center Cancer Science Prize

    • First prize

    Jason Bugno, Hao-jui Hsu, Seungpyo Hong, “Dendritic-Linear Polymer Hybrid Nanoparticles for Tumor-Specific Accumulation with Tailored Tumor Permeation”

    • Second prize

    Sue Hyun Lee, Manel Ben Aissa, Yue-ting Wang, Emily Nepomuceno, David Gonzalez, Emily Pierce, Gregory R.J. Thatcher, “Characterization of a novel model of oxidative stress to investigate the role of 4-HNE in neuroinflammation and traumatic brain injury”

  • Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) Multidisciplinary Team Science Award

    Subbulakshmi Karthikeyan, Daniel Lantvit, Joanna E. Burdette, “Signaling pathways contributing to tumorigenesis and peritoneal spread of a spontaneous model of fallopian tube derived cancer”

  • Student Chapter Choice Awards

    American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) 

    Sezen Meydan, Nora Vazquez-Laslop, Alexander Mankin, “Synthesis of two overlapping proteins from a single gene that is critical for oxygen metabolism in bacteria”

    Controlled Release Society (CRS) 

    Thomas Speltz, Sean Fanning, Christopher Mayne, Colin Fowler, Jeanne Danes, Emad Tajkhorshid, Geoffrey Greene, Jonna Frasor, Terry Moore, “γ-Functionalized Hydrocarbon Stapled Peptides for the Estrogen Receptor/Coactivator Interaction”

    International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) 

    Dolly Sharma, Shan Xing, Yu-Ting Hung, Rachel N Caskey, Maria L Dowell, Daniel R Touchette, “Cost Effectiveness Of Ivacaftor And Lumacaftor Combination For The Treatment Of Patients With Cystic Fibrosis In The United States”

    International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) 

    Beenish Manzoor, Todd A. Lee, Lisa Sharp, William Galanter, Surrey Walton, Edith A. Nutescu, “A High Percentage of Newly Initiated Direct Oral Anticoagulant Users Switch Back to Traditional Therapy”

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